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art activity


2010 -Habitat.
Municipal Art Center of Alcorcon (Madrid))
-Environment and dwelling.
ArtSur Foundation, Madrid)

2009 -The horizon.
Mexican Institute in Spain, Madrid)

2008 -Awake.
Professional studio visit, (info point at Matadero, Madrid)

2007 -Phytogenous.
Trama Gallery, Madrid)

1996 -Hortis Templorum.
Arte Schock Gallery, Berlin

5 -
Full belly, happy heart.
Henry Dunant exhibition hall, Red Cross, Bilbao


2008 -Recession: the alternative economies. Queen's Nails Annex, San Francisco (USA)
           -Photocopy Collection batches. An event of Domestic 08, the artist's role, Madrid)
           -AL VENT. Urban intervention on the balconies of Gata de Gorgos (Alicante, Spain)

2007 -From sunrise to sunset. ArtSur Foundation, Madrid
           -Estación ARTE. During MACO art fair, Mexico city
-Arboreous. La Petxina cultural centre, Valencia

2006 -Collective IV.MAV gallery, Valencia (Spain)
        -Changarro project. MDF gallery, Mexico city

2005 -Changarro project. ART&IDEA gallery in ARCO 05, Madrid
Changarro project. ART&IDEA gallery in MACO 05, Mexico city

2002 -
Miss and found dept.Aguascalientes Cultural Institute, Aguascalientes (Mexico)

2000 -
At the end. José María Velasco gallery, Mexico city
-Un sorso di mare. Chiesa dei Frati, Vernazza (Italy)

1999 -
Postal art in the new millenium. Philately Museum, Oaxaca (Mexico)

1998 -
Prayer for the dead. Coyoacan Cultural Forum, Mexico city

1996 -
Portable. La Fundición gallery, Bilbao
        -BBAA 96.
Sanz Enea Cultural Centre, Zarauz (Spain)
-Sculpture. Araba gallery, Caja Vital Foundation, Vitoria (Spain)
Elkano Cultural Hall, BBK Foundation, Bilbao

1995 -
First Aunara-Ikaune Contest. Basque Country University, Bilbao (1st place award, sculpture)

1994 -Bilbotik-Arrasatera.
Harresi gallery, Mondragón (Spain)

1992 -Voyage aller et retour.
Passerelle gallery, Brest (France)
        -Mail-Art-Aktion. Kunsthalle Moabit, Berlin

curatorial activity

2007-2008  Cultural cooperation programming consultant,
Spanish Agency for International Cooperation, Madrid

        2007  Member of the Daniel Vázquez Díaz Grants selection committee, Huelva Council (Spain)

                 Lecture "Identification and site: access to culture",
Cultural Cooperation Conference, University of Cantabria, Santander

        2005  Exhibition design, coordination and texts of "Haiti Rituals",
by Cristina García Rodero, in the Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico

                 Exhibitions coordination for Oliva Arauna Gallery, Madrid

2002-2005  Curator and activities coordinator, Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico city

        2004  -Invation, occupation, extension.
                      Artists: Mara Reguilón + Alejandro de Diego, Javier Velasco, Máximo González, Fritzia Irízar,
                      Luciano Matus. Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico.

-Dalí the reader and readers of Dalí.
                      Artists: Salvador Dalí, Joan Fontcuberta, Elsa Madrigal. Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico.

        2003  -From word to hand.
                      Artists and craftsmen: Perla Krauze, David Israel, Virginia Morales, Carlomagno Pedro
                      Martínez, Juan Manuel Ramírez, Álvaro Acevedo, Enrique Hernández y Julio Salinas.
                      Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico.

-Diego Rivera in Spain. Cubists images.
                      Artist: Diego Rivera. Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico.

                 -To cause places.
                      (Co-curator: Silvia Martínez): Antonio Attolini (architect), Fernando Lerma (painter).
                      Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico.

-Full of paint.
                      (Co-curator: Silvia Martínez) Artists: Diego Arango and Sergio Hernández.
                      Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico.

        2002  -Item. Reading an inventory of 1709.
                      Artists: Héctor Zamora, Carlos Ranc, Jorge Méndez Blake, Luciano Matus.
                      Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico.

2000-2004  Faculty professor in the Art Department of the Iberoamericana University, Mexico

        2002  -Manuel Álvarez Bravo. 100 years.
(Co-curators: Claudia Reyes-Toledo and Marcela Quiroz.)
                      Artist: Manuel Álvarez Bravo. Iberoamericana University, Mexico.



2005 -Why to fear the future? Carlos Amorales.
Exhibition review, special issue of ARCO magazine, April 2005, Madrid.

-Give us this day our daily ritual.
Istor magazine, 5th year, nº 18, Fall 2004. CIDE, Mexico.

        -The island of the dolls. M, Museos de México y el Mundo magazine,
        vol. 1, nº 1, Spring 2004. CNCA-INAH, Mexico.

2003 -Parasitosis.
        velocidadcrítica magazine, nº 40, October 2002. Monterrey (Mexico).

1995 -I'm a mirror, I reflect.
diVERSA magazine, nº 3, June 1995. EHU-UPV, San Sebastián (Spain).


-Mexican interlude. Javier Velasco. Huelva Council (Spain)

        -Damned happiness. David Israel. Casa Velázquez, Madrid

2004 -Zero killed. Cristina Lucas. Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico

        -Routes. Gerardo Suter. Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico

        -Dalí the reader and readers of Dalí. Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico

        -Streaming sketches. Fernando Llanos. (CD Rom) Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico

2003 -To cause places. Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico

        -Full of paint. Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico

        -From word to hand. Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico

        -Diego Rivera in Spain. Cubist images. Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico

2002 -
Item. Reading an inventory of 1709. Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico


        2003   Course: "The museum and its environment. Cultural heritage and tourism".
                  Spanish Ministry of Culture, Madrid

2001-2002   Master in Museums. Iberoamericana University, Mexico

        2002   Course: "Learning evaluation". Iberoamericana University, Mexico

        1997   Seminar: "Disappearance of the Other", by Jean Baudrillard.
                  Arteleku, San Sebastián (Spain)

        1996   Seminar: "The Kafka effect", by Francisco Jarauta.
                  Arteleku, San Sebastián (Spain)

1995-1996   Sculpture studio stay. Hochschule der Künste, Berlin

1991-1996   Bachelor in Fine Arts, Sculpture. University of Basque Country, Bilbao

1990-1991   Bachelor in Fine Arts studies. National Fine Arts School (UNAM), Mexico


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