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Published in the CD Rom catalogue Streaming sketches, Fernando Llanos. Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico, 2003

One, two, three for me and all my mates.

"One, two, three for me and all my mates": Fernando Llanos did well when he turned to this phrase in order to launch the projects invitedartist and streaming sketches in the Spanish Cultural Centre. This exhibition, like any other, is the result of shared work and collaboration. But also the contents, the videos, are presented as the junction of many artists' work, in a communication process that spreads continuously. Both the show and this CD are characterized by crossed realtionships, and people of the audience are expected to act as users. The exhibition itself was possible thanks to the intervention of institutions such as the Multimedia Centre of the National Centre for the Arts, the Historical Town Foundation and our Cultural Centre. Fernando was the architect of all these encounters, for us to be partners in the production, circulation and enjoyment of artworks and, in his own words, to be happy and consume video.



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