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Published in the catalogue To cause places, Spanish Cultural Centre, Mexico, 2003

To cause places.


Space can be invoked and even caused in a piece of paper. If we say that space is caused is because, when we create real or virtual places, space itself arises. For a moment we overlook that it is generated, delimited, defined, designed, although all these procedures are involved. Geometric drawing, with plan, elevation and perspective views, may be a way to accomplish a final result, but it can also be an end in itself. Simultaneously, the sense of what is born as a project depends on how it is made, whether it is a group task with engineers and bricklayers or an alone work in the studio.

From architecture and painting, from very different generations, two works centered on designing spaces find each other. Both Antonio Attolini and Fernando Lerma use rational design procedures to cause emotional places of pure shapes, colour and light. This architect always takes in account details and lighting as decisive factors in his buildings. The painter plays with the illusion of shapes through colour. Both suggest corners for us to inhabit. Because things themselves are places, they do not only belong to places.



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